MONOPOLY Brand Manager

Design Director

Senior Designer

RED CENTRAL – Design agency

BRAZEN – PR agency




Brand Identity Design and Concept

New 3D Mr. MONOPOLY Design

Game pieces design refresh

Packaging Design

Brand Bible/Style guide Design

Consumer Research & Test


Brand Essence “DEAL MAKING”


Update MONOPOLY logo.

Mr.MONOPOLY as a Brand ambassador.

Global Design Solution for packaging, Money design & colours, Properties space colours


Brand Objectives:

MONOPOLY is a global brand. It’s persona is pretty stable the world over. Yet it differs in design and gameplay from the US to Europe and family to family.


Brand Persona: MONOPOLY standard edition is:

• Solid

• Trusted

• Family

• Classic (rather than ‘Prestige’)

• Nostalgia


There are a few legal rules that dictate the design of MONOPOLY. But most of the rules are unwritten. Born out of preference and corporate tradition.


The overriding brand objective is to globally evolve, harmonise and reeneygize the Monopoly brand product and packaging to meet the following objectives.



• To communicate and promote Monopoly’s core essence of ‘Deal Making’.

• To communicate unified global MONOPOLY brand identity.

• To allow a truly portable and flexible global brand licensing programme.

• To limit localisation to fundamental elements only


To design packaging for MONOPOLY No.9 from which a new line look and licensing programme will evolve. MONOPOLY must be communicated as the ‘Classic’ and ‘Approachable’ game that it has always been. Whilst injecting the ‘energy’ and ‘aspiration’ of the new ‘Deal Making’ brand essence.


Nostalgia is important to the brand but can prevent growth and we must look ahead to build new nostalgia in 15-20 years time.


MONOPOLY is about ‘Quality Value’ – The difference between ‘Prestige’ and ‘Classic’ – Rolls Royce Vs Ford. The Monopoly brand is deeply embedded in every country. It has a solid stature but is not ‘elite’

Other brands that demonstrate a desired mix of classic, trust, aspiration alongside a clear and inviting brand style:


• Cadbury

• Disney

• Coca-Cola

• Mini


The pack should be single minded in it’s approach, rely on the stature of the MONOPOLY brand logo – Allowing the pack to stand off shelf. But it also has a responsibility to highlight the ‘deal making’ essence.


The design needs to be:

• Classic

• Energetic (to a degree??)

• Clear


Package front Brand graphic architecture Hierarchy:

1. Monopoly Logo

2. Brand Essence (deal making)

3. Colour (Red, White, Green)

4. Icons (Movers, Corners…)