Hello, I'm Ryo aka Rio [ˈri.o]

Originally from Japan, the Land of Manga and Pikachu. 


I’m a Londoner now…

I’m a Designer with Playful mind

I’m a Photographer with Curious eyes

I’m a Panda Bear Working on a Project

I’m Very Serious. . . yet with Minds of Child

I’m a Traveler with a Salsa Picante in my Pocket

I know the meaning of “Rio” in Spanish

I Love Cooking like a Crazy Scientist

I’m a Flexible Sprit with a Backache

I was a Surfer & Skateboarder

I Love Sunflower & Orchid

I Laugh a little too Loud…


My name is Ryo [ˈri.o] and Savouring my Eccentric Life’s Journey.

Oh, BTW, My Graduation hat was too HEAVY. . .